High Clear Gloss Paint for Wood Furntiure

Release time:2018-07-12 

*********************Description of Products***********************

Code Name Features Application

UV Odorless Putty(Roller Coating)

Low odor and  filling putty, High transparent, Easy to fill, some certain sanding performance

Panel, Furniture, MDF, Cabinet,



UV Odorless and Hard Putty

Low odor and filling putty, normal transparent, easy to fill, good hardness, uneasy to sand, economical hard putty, it mainly uses to apply on furniture
Panel, Furniture, MDF, Cabinet,Kitchen

UV Odorless and Sanding Putty

Better hardness and Filling, Easy to sand
Panel, Furniture, MDF, Cabinet,Kitchen

UV Adhesive and Reflow Putty

Good Adhesive and Filling, Transparent is a little bad

Wood Floor

Pisos de Madera


UV Harder and Reflow Putty

High Hardness, Good Transparent and filling, High Viscosity

Wood Floor

Pisos de Madera


UV Clear and Reflow Putty

It is used as clay putty for Bamboo flooring, Good Comprehensive performance, Cost-Effective

Bamboo Floor

Pisos de Bambu